Skincare doesn’t have to be painful. Modern technology combined with certified trained professionals can make a trip to the esthetician quite exciting. There are plenty of options to choose from to take care of your skin. However, a microcurrent treatment is one of the easiest ways to look younger and reduce the signs of aging. Here are 3 things to know about microcurrent treatments before your next appointment:

Great for Pain Sensitive Patients

Microcurrent treatments are a safe alternative compared to popular chemical peels and injections. Many microcurrent patients state that it is like a facelift without the need for surgery! Microcurrent involves the use of low-level electrical impulses applied directly to the skin. Many patients may feel a tingle or two, but the pulses are soothing, making this an excellent option for those with pain sensitivity.

Results Are Immediate and Long-Lasting

Patients who get microcurrent treatments have reported that their skin looks both younger with minimized wrinkles just minutes afterward. This is why many celebrities have chosen microcurrent technology right before they walk out on the red carpet or a big photoshoot. While you should notice a change from your first treatment, many patients choose to have multiple procedures in a row to provide long-lasting results.

It Works with Your Own Electrical Current

A microcurrent treatment emits low pulses of electricity to the surface of the skin. These pulses mimic the body’s own electrical current in helping to rejuvenate skin cells. The electricity is extremely low in voltage, which is why it is called “micro” current. However, the use of electricity, no matter how small, isn’t recommended for those patients with heart conditions, pregnancy, or other medical conditions.

Microcurrent treatments are a great way to start your skincare treatments at DNA Skin NYC. It is the perfect option for those patients who are new to esthetician care or those who want a little boost in between other treatment options. Consider these 3 things to know about microcurrent treatments when booking your next appointment.